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Suppress Minerals in Kinetic reaction

Ian Hutcheon

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So... a follow on with the previously described kinetic model. Having resolved getting the runs to terminate, I started suppressing "unwanted" minerals, quartz (waters are close to chalcedony satn) and paragonite. However, when I run the simulations, both minerals still appear? I'm obviously missing something.



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Hi Ian,


In Gtplot, does Quartz show up in the "minerals" section, or only in the "mineral saturation" category? If it's the latter there is no problem, since a mineral need not be present to have a saturation index.


Is the output being updated after each run?


Could you post your script so we can take a look?




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Hi Brian


I have sent the input file by email...


The file suppresses Quartz (not paragonite, I figure one at a time), but Quartz still seems to show up on GTPLOT.


Interesting difference - with Qz, it takes 230 yrs for Dawsonite to reach EUM, with Qz suppressed it takes 55 years?


BTW Dawsonite kinetic data from Hellevang et al 2010





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