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Water Type not working


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Dear Members,


The water typing capacity in GSS does not appear to be recognsing the alklinity component of my data set. Consequently, the water types derived by GSS are wrong. If anyone has some step-by-step advice on how to rectify this issue (e.g., how to I get GSS to recognise all major ions for water typing) I'd really appreciate it? Further, is there a longer water typing function so that all ions above the 10% threshold are displayed in decreasing order?


Kind regards,




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Hi Clint,


The reported water-type appears to be working just fine. It comes from the most abundant cation and anion in a particular sample. Keep in mind this is calculated after the sample is speciated.


It is very possible to have a low pH sample with a lot of total carbon, which would cause CO2(aq), an uncharged species, to be predominant. In this case, CO2(aq) would not be reported in the water type, even if it were the predominant species. In your case, the HCO3- is not reported in the water type simply because there is more Cl- than HCO3- in all of your samples. Try launching SpecE8 for any of your samples to see for yourself. GWB will take into account your carbonate alkalinity (or HCO3- component if alkalinity is not present), but it is not as predominant as the Cl- ion so you get an Na-Cl watery. Delete the Cl- component and you'll get an Na-HCO3 water.


Currently, there is no "longer water typing function." If you'd like to see the species listed in order of abundance, you can launch SpecE8 to do so.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC


P.S. I've moved your post from the archive of old topics to be front GWB forum page.

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