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TDS Circles in Gtplot


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I’m using SpecE8 to evaluate the equilibrium state of aqueous species.


In the Gtplot output after SpecE8 was carried out, TDS Circles is not shown, even in using example scripts of GWB.

“TDS Circles” in the "View" is checked, "Data markers" are plotted, and “Show TDS as circles” window in the parameter setting for some diagrams which can express TDS circle is not activated (semi-transparent).

Although I use the updated GWB (ver. 9.0.5), I’m not sure whether TDS circle is correctly shown in ver. 9.0.3, and whether the procedure to show the circle is wrong.


Could anyone tell me how to indicate the TDS circles?


Best regards,



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Hi Maki,


As you mention, TDS circles are only used with a few special plots: Piper, Durov, and Ternary diagrams. Although the diagrams themselves can be constructed using output from SpecE8 or React, they were only designed to incorporate TDS circles when using scatter data stored in GSS spreadsheets. If you're using GWB 9, you can simply drag the contents of your SpecE8 Basis pane into GSS (as a new sample), then launch the diagram from within GSS. Since you can store any number of samples in GSS (and assign each a maker symbol, color, and size), you'll be able to compare all of your samples at once in a single diagram.


If it would be useful, we'll look into adding TDS circle capabilities for plots generated from SpecE8 or React output.




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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