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node-by-node setting for discharge


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I’m using X2t. I’m trying to import the flow field calculated by other program to X2t.

I tried to use the node-by-node setting for X and Y discharges on the ‘flow field’ of the Domain pane. However, input values were not reflected in the results.


I know that the GWB Reactive Transport Modeling Guide (p10 and p62) shows the values for discharges are indexed according to the nodal block boundary. On the other hand, if possible, I would like to import the flow field to ‘node block’ by using the node-by-node setting, not ‘nodal block boundary’.

I think the node-by-node setting for the discharge as above will help me so much.


In this case that input values were not reflected in the results, is there any problem node-by-node editor yet?

Or, is the node-by-node setting for the discharge originally unavailable?

Or, is the table of node-by-node setting lacking required another column and another line?


Best regards,



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Hi Maki,


Currently the only way to specify the flow field is with discharge across node boundaries, not discharge within the nodal blocks themselves. Entering values for the nodes themselves will give you incorrect results.


The best way to input your discharge data is to prepare two tab delimited spreadsheets (for x and y directions), which you can edit in Excel. As for the node-by-node editor, it should include an extra column for x-discharge and an extra row for y-discharge. We'll get this fixed in the next maintenance release.




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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