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What is FeO"(C)"


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Hi bappy,


I'm afraid I don't know any more about it than you do. It appears to be a ferrous oxide mineral, perhaps somewhat similar to Wustite, though I can't say for sure. If you look in thermo.com.V8.R6+.dat, you'll find a very similar entry simply called FeO (I'd bet they're the same) with a reference listed. Perhaps you could track down the original source of the entry.


FeO type=
mole vol.= 12.000 cc mole wt.= 71.8464 g
3 species in reaction
-2.0000 H+ 1.0000 Fe++ 1.0000 H2O
15.2277 13.5318 11.5796 9.7985
8.0384 6.6249 5.4341 4.3762
* gflag = 1 [reported delG0f used]
* extrapolation algorithm: supcrt92 [92joh/oel]
* reference-state data source = 78hel/del
* delG0f = -60.097 kcal/mol
* delH0f = -65.020 kcal/mol
* S0PrTr = 14.520 cal/(mol*K)
Helgeson, H.C., Delany, J.M., Nesbitt, H.W., and Bird, D.K., 1978, Summary and critique of the thermodynamic properties of rock-forming minerals: Amer. J. Sci., 278a, 229p.
Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC
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