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Entering ripidolit concentration in React


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I think the problem is that the entry for Ripidolit-14A in the thermo dataset you're using does not contain a molecular volume. Here's its entry in thermo.dat, the default GWB dataset:


Ripidolit-14A type= chlorite
formula= Fe2Mg3Al2Si3O10(OH)8
mole vol.= 0.000 cc mole wt.= 618.8810 g
6 species in reaction
-16.000 H+ 2.000 Fe++ 3.000 SiO2(aq)
2.000 Al+++ 12.000 H2O 3.000 Mg++
71.0206 61.9416 51.4522 42.0977
33.1873 26.2113 20.1188 13.4258
If you can find a value for the molecular volume in the literature, or estimate it from the mineral's density, then you can edit the thermo dataset in a program like Notepad and save it as a .dat file. It's generally a good idea to use a different name when modifying existing datasets. FYI, our upcoming release GWB 10 features a graphical editor for creating and modifying thermo datasets.
Hope this helps,
Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC
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