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Mixing Ratio in React


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Simple question here, when reacting a solution with another, I wonder what the "reactant times" refers to. Would 0.1 be 10% mixture or 1000 ml plus 100 ml (thus it would be 1/11, 9.1% reactants).


It is set at 1 as a default, so technically its a 2 liter mixture, 1 liter from each? I am just trying to make sure that understand exactly what percentage of the solution is the reactants for my analysis.



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"Reactants times" is a multiplier for the mass of solvent water, species, minerals, or gases in the Reactants pane. So if you have 1 kg solvent plus some dissolved solutes in your initial system (the Basis pane) and 1 kg solvent plus some solutes in the Reactants pane and set the "reactants times" to 1 you will end up with 2 kg solvent plus some dissolved solutes in the mixture. If you set reactants times to 0.1, you'll end up with 1.1 kg solvent plus some solutes, and if you set it to 10 you'll end up with 11 kg solvent plus some solutes.




Brian Farrell


Aqueous Solutions LLC

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