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Problems with size of data

Pia Lois

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Im troubling with the size of archives that react is generating. I cant open the txt with notepad and the gtplot is so slow. I change the dxprint and dxplot parameters, but the archives are still too big (~8 Gb). There is another way to reduce the size of archives? (I limited the output to aqueous species and mineral saturation state).


Thanks for your help!



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Hi Pia,


Are your individual files too big, or have you just accumulated a large number of text and plot output files?


As you mention, you can go to Config - Output to change settings for the results files (text and plot) generated by the GWB programs. You can toggle any of the 3-way check boxes to select how much information will be written to the text file. Under mineral saturation, for example, you can choose to list the log Q/K of all minerals, those with SI > 3, or none at all.


Using a larger fraction of 1 for dxprint and dxplot will write results for fewer steps in the calculation. For plot options, you should make sure to select "binary" instead of "text" to produce smaller files. Looking up the commands plot, print, dxplot, and dxprint in the GWB Reference Manual should be useful.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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