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Confusion with charge balance calculation using SpecE8

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Hello Brian and others,


We collected some water composition data of a CO2-saturated spring. I tried to calculate the speciation, mineral saturation and charge imbalance using SpecE8. However, the charge imbalance calculated by SpecE8 is 11.09% while my manual calculations tell me it is 3.55 %. I am not sure why this is happening and if I am going wrong somewhere. I am not allowed to attach excel sheets here but I am attaching the input file of SpecE8. I used GWB 9.0.


Thanks in advance for any help.





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Hi Vivek,


The Environmental Applications of Geochemical Modeling textbook (section 5.4.3) has a discussion on the difference between calculating charge imbalance before and after speciation. I would take a look at this and see if it explains your problem. You might also double-check that you're using elemental equivalents correctly.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell


Aqueous Solutions LLC

Makers of The Geochemist's Workbench

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