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Problems saving images in Gtplot

Greg Miller

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Of course its a Friday afternoon....


I am having a problem with Gtplot in GWB 10.0.3.


Gtplot will not save image files from Piper plots. It tells me its saving an image to the directory I indicate of the type that I want, and it does not create a file. I have tried for all image types available. I can print, but when I print to Acrobat PDF the image elements end up in the corner of the page. I’m stuck.

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Glad that helped. After some more digging, it looks like File -> Save Image does create the image files, it's just not putting them in the correct folder. Try saving an image, say MissingPiper.pdf, to a folder on your desktop. If you look in the folder it won't be there, but if you type MissingPiper into the Windows search box (from the Start menu) you'll probably see it twice: once with the path you chose and once with the path to where it's actually saved. Clicking the first will get you an error, but the second will open up your image. In my case, I tried to save images to Users\bfarrell\Desktop\SaveImage and found them in Users\bfarrell.


Sorry for the inconvenience.We'll let you know when a fix is available.




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