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default units for water type calculations in GSS and piper plots in Gtplot


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  1. Is the water type calculation based on conventional units of meq/L? What is the classification criteria? I assume the dominant cation and anion even is less than 50% of total positive or negative charge?


  1. Is the default unit for piper diagrams the conventional unit of meq/L?
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The water type calculation shows the single most abundant cation and anion species, based on concentrations in meq/kg fluid. There is no requirement that a cation or anion must contribute 50% of the total positive or negative charge.


Piper diagrams, along with the other specialty plots, are plotted in meq/kg fluid.




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC


P.S. I moved your new topic from the archive of old posts to the front page of the main forum.

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