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I am Seeun Chang who was one of the participant in short course in Canada.

That course made me easy and understandable for using GWB.

Thanks to make short course.


Can I ask you a favor?


Firstly could you find the attached files?

I've used GWB to depict a stability diagram of U(VI) full as useful as Figure 4. in attached.



However, I failed.

So, could you help me?

Other attached files are GSS and ac2 file I used.


I should be very grateful to you if you might help me.



Seeun Chang




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Hi Seeun,


Thank you for attaching your input scripts and thumbnails of the activity diagrams. I took a look at the supplementary information from the original reference you mentioned and it contains stability constants for various uranium minerals and aqueous complexes. Some of the values are from the thermo.com.v8.R6+.tdat dataset distributed with the GWB, but others are from outside sources. I think you'll want to modify an existing thermo dataset so that it includes all of the reactions included in the supplementary information. You'll also need to change some log Ks for species already in the dataset so that they're consistent with the reference. I modified just a few log Ks and my resulting plot was beginning to look like the one in the thumbnail.


You can use the TEdit thermo data editor to modify log Ks or add new reactions for species, minerals, etc. Please see section 9 in the GWB Essentials Guide, or view some slideshow tutorials here. You can also temporarily modify log Ks for existing reactions (without saving the dataset) from the Config - Alter log K dialog.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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