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help in modeling mineral phase with unexpected Sr amount


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Hi all, I have to model a stability diagram for a mineral phase, in specific conditions, that contains an unexpected amount of Sr from chemical analyses.

Someone can suggest me how can I perform the modeling?


thanks for every help

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It sounds like you should use Act2 to create a stability diagram. You can choose two important variables in your system to plot on the axes. Redox state and pH are commonly important, but you can also plot against activity or fugacity. Additionally, you can create diagrams for systems in the presence of additional minerals, gases, or complexing species. Perhaps Sr should be included as one of the complexing species in your diagram. Try taking a look at section 5, Using Act2, in the GWB Essentials Guide.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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I'm reading section 5 and trying to model diagrams in presence of complexing species but I have another question, the mineral (phillipsite) which I want to plot dose not contain, in chemical formula, the Sr element, so how I can show the coexistence of Phillipsite with Sr (i mean a diagram similar to fig. 5.2)?

Thanks for every help.

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