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How to draw Pb-S porbaix diagram?

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You can create a pourbaix diagram using the GWB program Act2. First, you will need to choose a main species, either Pb or S and then set your axis, pH (H+) and Eh (e-). You can learn how to set up an Eh-pH diagram using the GWB Essentials Guide (under the Doc tab on the GWB dashboard) in the "Using Act2" section. To incorporate additional species (i.e. Na+ or NO3-) in the diagram, you can add them under the "in the presence of" section of the Basis pane in Act2.

Additionally, you can choose to decouple redox pairs (i.e. NO2-from NO3-, etc.) if you want to allow different species to coexist. You can read more on Redox couples in the Essentials Guide, Section 7.3 Redox disequilibrium.
Spring2015 I noticed you found another topic helpful. For everyone else: http://forum.gwb.com/index.php?showtopic=2125&do=findComment&comment=5074
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