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a minor issue with Reactants pane


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I’m still using ver9 of GWB.

I have sometimes encountered the display collapse in Reactants pane of X2t program.

‘Add’ button and “Delete” button spread longitudinally.

The phenomenon has been inconvenient to set some parameters in Reactants pane.

I, however, could find the procedure causing the collapse.


When kinetic reaction of mineral with value of power as ninth reactant is set in X1t and X2t, the problem appears.

I have attached the corresponding x2t file.

Unless the value of power is add, the problem disappears.


I have no idea whether this is my-PC-specific problem or not.

In addition, I have not checked it in ver.10, yet.

Could you check the procedure of the problem?


If my explanation is inadequate, please let me know.


Best regards,




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Hi Maki,


As far as I'm aware, all of the problems you've experienced have been fixed in GWB10. I don't believe there are plans for a maintenance release for GWB9 anytime soon. If you're going to continue using GWB9, I would recommend using the command pane if you have a large number of kinetic reactions and the GUI starts to look strange.




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