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I've added two new minerals to the thermo database and checked the format for accuracy. I have updated the mineral count. When running React, I assign the new database as my preference. However, the React module is not reading the new minerals, although the run converges and I can read the output file. The minerals I entered are not available as reactants, hence I believe they are not being read. Please advise. Thanks.

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Setting a thermo dataset as the default in the preferences dialog doesn't load it into that instance of React. It does, however, tell React to load that thermo dataset every subsequent time you open a blank instance of React. You should use File -> Open -> Thermo Data... to load a thermo dataset for immediate use. You can check which thermo dataset is currently loaded in a GWB program by going to File -> File Properties -> Thermo Data, and you can view the contents of the dataset from File -> View. Try to verify that the proper dataset is loaded first, then view the contents to ensure that your edits were saved.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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