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Reaction modeling

Dien Li

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Hi, Brian


How are you! I am trying to practice a modeling using X1T. The modeling is on weathering of soils, the data were given on page 410-420 of Craig's book (2008). My question is how to set up the entrance data for kailonite, gibbsite and tridymite, specially how to deal with the nucleus = 4000. Attached please see the data file I am trying to work, could you please help looking at it. Thanks.



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Hi, Brian


I tried to simply use COMMAND to input all data and information from your text book (Bethke 2008, page 410). I used thermo.dat. It looked that I could run the model, but the results for kaolinite and gibbsite were different from your text book Fig. 27.3 for the first 0.1 meter profile, after that, it looked all identical. I attached the new input file. Could you instruct? what datebase you used to get your texk book results. Thanks.



Weather of soils.x1t

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