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cycle-up study model configuration

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Hi there, I've been asked whether we can model the evolution of water chemistry in a basin where water is being reclaimed from the basin and used as process water (a "cycle-up" study").


There are 10 water streams w/ different chemistry reporting to the basin, one of which will be replaced with water from the basin itself as reclaim water.


I'm looking for the best way to model the water chemistry of the basin as it evolves.


I was thinking I could mix the solutions - say, S1 thorugh S10 - in GSS, send to React for equilibration (resulting in a mixed, equilibrated solution, "M1"). If S1 is then the stream that is relclaimed from the pond, it becomes M1, and then is re-mixed w/ the other solutions (S2-S10) again, iteratively, to get M2, which then replaces M1 in the next iteration, and on and on. . .


I haven't seen a good example of this type of analysis in the text or manuals. . .any suggestions for setting this up in an efficient manner?




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Hi Mehgan,


I think that strategy would work well. I have two ideas for streamlining the process. If you're using GWB9, you can drag a sample (such as your mixture) from GSS into the Basis pane of React, then drag the calculation Results back into GSS. Use the right-drag (click right mouse-button and hold) to go between GWB programs. Second, GWB10's SmartMix wizard in GSS makes it much easier to set mixing proportions and to calcualte non-conservative analytes (like pH) in the mixture. In fact, unless you have minerals precipitating, you might even bypass React and do everything within GSS.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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OK, I'm glad to know I'm thinking about this right. However, I will need to ppt minerals, as this is a carbonate system and I'm trying to track pH and alkalinity. It seems like this would take endless dragging/dropping b/ween the programs. . .


I was thinking that another way to conceptualize this problem is that I'm continuously titrating 9 water streams in specific ratios into the stream of interest, which is evolving to some equilibrium water quality controlled by some (unknown at this time) mineral phase. What is the way to set up that problem in GWB?




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Well, it seems like this is a complex process with a lot of fluids so it would take a lot of steps.


You could mix your 9 water streams together and use that as a reactant in React. With the "reactants times" field you could specify how much of the total reactant fluid is mixed into some initial system (the Basis pane fluid). But the proportions of water streams within the reactant fluid would remain constant in this scenario. Only the ratio of all of them to the initial system would change.

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