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Calculating Water Type in GSS

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To whom it may concern,


This may be a really basic question, but I was wondering how GSS calculates the water type for a sample? In a previous post, it mentions that the water type is based off of the most abundant ions in the sample after speciation. I am just a little confused because I have a sample where the calcium exceeds the sodium (in meq/L) but the sample classifies as Na-SO4 type. I was wondering if I could get some clarification on this? I have attached a GSS spreadsheet with some of the data. Thanks!




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Hello Kelly,


The water type calculation shows the most abundant cation and anion in a sample, based on concentrations in meq/kg fluid. Keep in mind this is referring to the actual aqueous species, calculated after the sample is speciated.


To understand this calculation better, try launching SpecE8 for any one or more of your samples. To do so, in GSS >Analysis> Launch....select your sample(s). View the results from SpecE8 to see the most abundant cation and anion (under aqueous species) for your speciated sample. Even though your input meq/L concentration for Ca++ was greater than Na+, the speciation results show Na+ as the predominant free cation.


Kind regards,


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