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Sorption Dataset for Humic Acids

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I am trying to look at the speciation of a solution passed through a peat soil and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of datasets that include sorption sites on humic acids, etc.



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Hello Isaiah,


This seems to be a question for someone with specific knowledge of soil chemistry rather than knowledge of the GWB. I waited in hopes another member could offer some insight to your question since I don’t know the answer. I will tell you that you can account for sorption of aqueous species onto surfaces by several methods, including the two layer surface complexation model (including the constant capacitance and constant potential models), ion exchange, distribution coefficients (Kd’s), Freundlich isotherms, and Langmuir isotherms. In each case, you supply a dataset describing the surface chemistry. Templates for each of the surface types are installed with the software and you can read more on sorbing surfaces in the Essentials Guide, Section 2.5 Sorption onto mineral surfaces.


Hope this helps,


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