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Creating input files for additional injection periods

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We are trying to set up GWB simulation in which we simulate an injection through a series of injection wells within a 50x50 domain where the chemistry of injected water changes periodically. Since GWB only allows for two injection fluids in one run, we are intending to run this problem using multiple simulations in which the end result of one simulation will be the initial conditions of the next simulation and so on. We are compiling the new input file using FORTRAN to create the node by node input. We have successfully created and run subsequent injection periods, but we have run into some challenges.


The problem is at the end of the first simulation, we have different water types (pH, and equilibrium minerals) within different parts of the domain. Thus, “minerals in the system” (as listed in the output file at the end of the simulation) in one area of the domain around injection wells are much different than those in other areas of the domain. In other words, there is NO one mineral that we can set that constrains species concentrations. We can set species initial concentrations on node-by-node basis (from the output file of the previous simulation) but we don’t know how, if possible, to also define total moles of the existing “minerals in the system” on node-by-node basis in addition to species concentrations.


GWB 9.0 64-bit




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Heterogeneity, in which the concentration or mass of a component varies in space, is not a problem for the GWB. For a given component, though, you can only swap one species into the basis for the entire domain. We understand how this could be a problem in the case you’ve described, but the code is not currently set up to initiate a more complex equilibrium system.


FYI, development is already underway to drastically rework reaction intervals in GWB11. You’ll be able to add an unlimited number of intervals in which a different inlet fluid can enter the domain. Wells will have their own intervals and each injection well can handle fluid of a different chemistry, possibly even recirculating fluid produced from another well.


I’m sorry we can’t offer a better solution right now, but I can assure you we’re hard at work to get them to you in the not too distant future.



Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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Hi Silver_lobo,


I hope you’re doing well. A few months ago you mentioned that you’re interested in reactive transport models in which the chemistry of injection fluids changes with time. I wanted to let you know that we’ve developed this feature for GWB Release 11. Now you can add any number of boundary fluids to be injected (not just 2), start and stop pumping wells at any time, and even recirculate produced water into injection wells. Please let us know if you’d like to try out our latest release or if you’d like a quote. Upgrades are available at a special price until February 28th. I hope to hear from you soon.




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