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pH - f(O2) Diagram & plotting several activities in 1 Diagram

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i am trying to plot several activities of ag+ in one diagram, with pH on the x-axis and f(O2) on the y-axis.


is there a easy way to do that, in other programs as matlab you have to just type in 'hold on' or something like that ?

Maybe the solution to this problem is very simple, but i just downloaded the prog yesterday and i dont get it. I am very thankful for any help :).


Otherwise i have to copy the diagrams separately and redraw them with a vector program, which wastes lots of time.



i have attached the file for my calculation, so you can see what i am talking about.

the only thing i want to change is the silver activity.


thx so far.


silver activity.ac2

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You can easily edit your Act2 diagrams in PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator in a few steps. To plot varying activities of silver on one diagram, you'll need to export a diagram for each different activity. To export your plot, select Edit>Copy As>Enhanced Metafile. Open up Microsoft Powerpoint select Paste. Select Arrange>Ungroup>"Yes" convert to Microsoft Office drawing object. Then you can move labels, select individual lines to change the color or thickness. To assemble multiple diagrams, I would add each diagram to a new slide and copy the lines you need. Be sure you don't move the plot or adjust the size to maintain the proper scale.


We also have a tutorial to show you how to overlay diagrams on our website under Using GWB "How do I overlay my diagrams."


Kind regards,


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