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calculate solubility product for BaSo4 and CaCO3

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Hi there, its me asking for your help again :P,


i am trying to calculate the solubility product of BaSo4 and CaCO3.

Have to do this not for standard temperature and pressure, but for 150 °C and a range of pH and f(O2).

Can i do this with Act2 or any of the other apps i have access to?



any help is welcome, thank you !


Best regards


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Hi Oachkatzlschwoaf,


I think you'll want to use Rxn to calculate equilibrium constants. You start by selecting a species for which you'd like to write a balanced reaction. You'll perform basis swaps, if necessary, to recast the reaction in a different form. You might wish, for example, to see the reaction Calcite = Ca++ + CO3-- instead of the default Calcite + H+ = Ca++ + HCO3-. Rxn will calculate the equilibrium constant at 8 principal temperatures (where it has data) and will interpolate to calculate the equilibrium constant at any other temperature of your choosing. Keep in mind that the equilibrium constant won't be affected by pH or fO2.


Take a look at the Using Rxn section of the GWB Essentials Guide for more information.



Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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