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Fitting of column test results


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Dear Brian,


I am writing to you to get some suggestions regarding a fitting that I would like to do.

I have performed column tests and measured change of pH, EC, ORP, TOC, cation and anion concentrations with time.

I would also like to plot metal results in pH-Eh graphs.


I would like to know which applications I should use to do so.

First of all, I think that I have to input the results I obtained from column experiments in the GSS sheet?


In the handouts I received during the course (page 112) there is a fitting of column test results.

I would like to do something similar so, I would be very grateful if you could give me some suggestions.


Thank you very much for your kind attention.



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Hi Angelica,


Yes, I would start by storing all of your data in a GSS spreadsheet (or spreadsheets). That way, you can overlay that scatter data on any Gtplot, Xtplot, Act2, or Tact plot by simply dragging the GSS file onto the plot. See section 5.6, Scatter data, in the GWB Essentials Guide (also section 6.5 and 8.3) and section 5.5, Scatter data, in the GWB Transport Modeling Guide for more information.


To simulate a column experiment, you’ll ultimately want to use X1t, the one-dimensional reactive transport simulator. I recommend you start with a simple chemical system at first, perhaps only Na+ and Cl- or a non-reactive tracer that you analyzed so that you can focus on the transport aspect. Next, try using React to develop a reaction model of the system without any transport. Once you’re confident with the transport and the chemistry, you can incorporate the chemistry into X1t and compare your simulation results with the data from your column experiments.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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