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GWB10 is Windows 10-ready!

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Dear GWB users,


Are you considering the free upgrade to Windows 10? Don’t worry, your GWB10 license works great with the latest Windows OS!


We recommend that you deactivate your GWB license before upgrading. To do so, return to the GWB Activation Utility (under the Support pane of the GWB dashboard), select your activation code, then click Deactivate. After upgrading to Windows 10, return to the GWB Activation Utility and activate your license.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions.




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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Hi Brian and others,


I have a GWB 9.0 license installed on my windows 8 machine. I am considering upgrading to windows 10. Will this affect the functioning of GWB 9 in anyway? Has anyone tried it on versions prior to GWB 10?




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Just an FYI: We just installed GWB 10.0.4, using a network server for licensing. I installed the client on a Windows 7 computer. Worked like a champ. When I installed the client on a Windows 10 computer, it would not pull in the license server information from the environment variable, which variable was exactly the same as on the Windows 7 machine. I updated GWB to 10.0.7 and now it works on the Windows 10. Moral: Even if you are using GWB 10 with Windows 10, be sure you have the latest version.

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