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Activation Error

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The background story is that I was using student version on my personal laptop and now that my university machine has finally arrived, I would like to continue using the student version of Geochemists Workbench on the new machine and stop using on old laptop.


When activating I get the following error: 'The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because Fulfill count exceeded the available seat count.'


Based on previous thread, I am in need of a manual reset of the activation code.


Many thanks in advance.



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Hello Yousef,


If you'd like to move your license to another computer, you can easily do so by returning to the GWB Activation Utility (under the Support pane of the GWB dashboard), select your activation code, and then click Deactive. After the status changes to "not activated," you can activate the software on another machine. Please let me know if you have trouble.


Kind regards,



Aqueous Solutions LLC

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