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How to aggregate new mercury-sulfide species and their equilibrium constants at different temperatures

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You should search the literature for published datasets with information on mercury-sulfide species. I noticed one of our other users was looking at mercury species and shared the link to a USGS report: http://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/0713/report.pdf. The paper includes some information on mercury-sulfide species at 25 C, but it should help to get you started and may include some useful literature references.


After you’ve collected the necessary thermodynamic data you can use TEdit to quickly and easily modify an existing thermo dataset. You can find some tutorials on how to edit thermos datasets here and for more information, see section 9.1 Getting started with TEdit in the GWB Essentials Guide.


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I need to make a sulfide-mercury-species diagram with the information inside the paper that I have attached down (BCCT 1935), specifically page 61, figure 4. Also I try to attach the edited thermodata set but is too big to upload....or it is not permitted to add the file extension (.rar)
I have edited a new thermodata set with the species which I need, but when I try to plot the diagram the new species that I added into the new thermodata set are not considered by the program for making the diagram. I followed all instructions about how to aggregate and edit new information, so I can not understand why the new species do not appear....
I hope you can help with this hurry.

BCCT 1935 (1).pdf

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