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hex inconsistancy


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In react, if I issue the command:

NO3- 0x3f1a36e2eb1c232c mol 

which should be 1e-4 mol NO3-. Instead it comes out as 1e-3. If I save the file in hex format the NO3- line is

NO3-         = 0x3f50624dd2f197f8 mol

which equals 1e-3 mol NO3-. So it seems as the input is being read incorrectly. Bug?



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It seems there isn't a work around with using standard numbers or scientific notation correct? 

NO3- mol 9.99999999998440423e-05


NO3- mol 0.0000999999999998440423

comes out as

0.001 instead of 0.0001. I'm playing around with the GWB libraries to model multicomponent diffusion so I need the high precision.



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