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reducing conditions


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I am trying to model what will happen to this water as conditions become increasingly reducing. I tried sliding Eh to 0.01 V, and get an error message, "Exit: React stop: lost electron component" and react ends. I tried simply decreasing the amount of O2, but this doesn't sufficiently lower the Eh to model predicted redox conditions. Is there something I can do to work around?

Thanks kindly for your insight,



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Hi Laner,


Sorry for the delay. It turns out the sliding Eh path was originally designed to work when the initial Eh is set explicitly, not indirectly. We've allowed React to swap the electron into the basis before tracing a sliding Eh path if necessary. Please update to maintenance release 10.0.9 for this functionality, or consider upgrading to GWB11. Your script should work if you set Ca++ as the charge balancing ion instead of SO4--, which is much less abundant in your fluid.




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