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Dear Brian,


I use GWB 9.0.9 which is the latest version for release 9. I had a look at the thermo data files that I have and the folder data shows year 2012. I wanted to update the thermodata from *.dat to *sdat with downloads from GWB website.. Does this extension only work for release 10?




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Hello O.I,


The .tdat and .sdat files are only compatible with GWB10 and later releases. If you're running GWB9, you won't be able to read them, nor will you be able to use the graphical thermo data editor, TEdit, that's part of the GWB10 package. If you need to download any of the datasets that come installed with the software, be sure to click the [older format] option.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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