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Piper diagrams

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I recently upgraded from GWB student version 10.0 to version 11.0.1. Since the upgrade I am not able to plot all my data on a Piper plot or a ternary. It will only plot one of my samples. I am not sure why this the case, and I have tried changing the way I have input the data (e.g. changing units). Perhaps un-installing this upgrade and restoring to my previous version will fix the problem?


Any insight into this matter is appreciated.




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Hello Alison,


In GWB11 we enabled all plots to display multiple samples and standardized the sample selection dialog for the various plot types. Now you can plot multiple Stiff diagrams, Radial plots, Pie charts, and Bar charts side-by-side, or show multiple samples on a Schoeller diagram. Because these plots would be difficult to read with all samples selected, the default setting is to show the first sample. To plot more, just double-click on your diagram to access the Parameters for Piper diagram (or Ternary, Stiff, etc.) dialog. Move to the Samples pane and choose your samples, then click “Apply”. For the Piper, Ternary, Durov, and XY plots, you can simply hit “Select all”, then “Apply”, to show all your samples. For more information, see section 8.1.1 Sample selection in the GWB Essentials Guide, as well as our Tutorials webpage.


Kind regards,



Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Hi Katelyn,


Thank you for your response. Now I am able to plot all my samples. I had another question regarding Piper plots.


If I want to replace bicarbonate with nitrate (since I have very little bicarb and nitrate is a major anion in my samples). Is there a way to switch the apexes in the piper plot? Or if I just simply put the concentration of nitrate in the bicarbonate (in GSS), would that be just as accurate? I am concerned that the program may take into account (or change the concentrations) when it plots HCO3 + H.


Thanks again,


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Hi Alison,

A Piper diagram by definition is composed of three components; a plot of the cations (Mg++, Ca++ and Na+ + K+) on the bottom left, a ternary plot of the anions (Cl-, SO4--, and HCO3- + CO3--) on the bottom right, and the diamond-shaped plot at the top is projection of the two ternary diagrams. While you can’t change the axes of a Piper diagram, you can make a ternary diagram look like the anion triangle of a Piper diagram. You can change the axes of your ternary diagram substituting nitrate for bicarbonate or any other ions in your dataset. To do so, in the Parameters for Ternary Diagram under the Plot tab, you can change the components to be any three ions present in your dataset.

Hope this helps,

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