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Maintenance releases 11.0.2 and 10.0.9

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Dear GWB users,

We are pleased to announce our latest maintenance releases, GWB 11.0.2 and GWB 10.0.9.

The 11.0.2 update allows sliding Eh reaction paths in which the starting Eh is implied instead of specified, fixes a potential crash bug in one of the Gtplot dialogs, fixes an obscure line clipping issue in one of the special plots, and updates graphics in the User’s Guides.

The 10.0.9 update allows sliding Eh paths without setting initial Eh, installs a 64-bit code signing certificate, and fixes all known issues.

Update your release from 11.0 - 11.0.1 (or 10.0 – 10.0.8, if you have GWB10) at no charge to ensure you have all the newest features and bug fixes. Existing installations should automatically update to this release, unless auto-update is disabled. In that case, users should update their installations from the Support tab of the GWB dashboard.


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC
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