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Concentrations after reaction

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I am a new user and non-geochemist (chemical engineer), and am trying to determine my new aqueous equilibrium concentrations after adding known quantities of several oxides. I see a multitude of plotting options in GT plot. How would you suggest I obtain a table or plot of these new concentrations for 5-6 parameters of concern? Would there be a nice way of showing the changes from my Basis concentrations? My REACT file is attached.




Model 3.rea

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Hello Mark,

Your XY Plot Configuration can be manipulated many ways to produce useful plots. To modify your plots, double click on either the X or Y Axis to open the XY Plot Configuration window. You can change the Y Axis Variable type to plot many different chemical or physical parameters, specific species concentrations or activities, components in the fluid along with others. The “components in the fluid” variable type describes the components of the fluid in terms of the original thermodynamic dataset. The “species concentration” variable type includes all the dissolved species that make up those components. To select a few different species of interest, hold Ctl + left click and select Apply to plot the selected species. You can plot your data on a linear, log or delta scale. Delta may be useful because it will show how your results change from your original values. For more information on XY Plot configuration, see section 6.2 in the GWB Reaction Modeling Guide.

If you’d like a table with all of your concentration data, you can export numerical data from your plot. Go to Edit > Copy and paste your data into an Excel spreadsheet. You can read more on Exporting the plot in section 8.5 of the GWB Essentials Guide.

Hope this helps,


Aqueous Solutions LLC

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