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pH calculation

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hi, I use this software in my study and I hope to know all the features. my question is, if I use GSS feature and add several Salts ion concentration in the table but without mention to pH value and calculate these ions to find the chemical and mineral saturation properties at the different temperature. what is the ability of this feature to calculate the pH of this water at the different temperature?

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Hello Ammar,


It’s hard to say exactly without seeing your input file, but if you haven’t measured pH, you’ll need some way to constrain pH in your system. For example, you could “swap” CO2(g) or calcite into the basis to constrain pH. Do you have a measurement for pH at one temperature or do you not have any information on pH at all? If you could please attach your GSS file, I can take a look and have a better understanding of what you’re trying to do.


Kind regards,



Aqueous Solutions LLC

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