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Maintenance release 11.0.3

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Dear GWB users,

We are pleased to announce our latest maintenance release, GWB 11.0.3.

The 11.0.3 update gives the user options to install a GWB desktop icon and open the GWB dashboard when installing and updating; improves auto-sizing and plot spacing when displaying multiple special plots on a page; polishes pasting behavior in TEdit; fixes glitches in Isotopes and Stepping dialogs in React; puts more graphics types on clipboard, and increases bitmap resolution, when copying plots in Act2 and Tact; resolves a problem in Act2 and Tact when more than one speciating ion does not speciate; corrects a problem reading the sixth coefficient in the temperature expansion of beta2 from HMW datasets; fixes various minor issues when making X-Y plots in Gtplot;.

Update from 11.0 - 11.0.2 at no charge to ensure you have all the newest features and bug fixes. Existing installations should automatically update to this release, unless auto-update is disabled. In that case, users should update their installations from the Support tab of the GWB dashboard.


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions

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