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Error message (X1t vers 10.0.10)

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I have been trying to run an X1t model and I am getting the following error message:


Step 16405, Xi = 0.071387 (Co = 0.092)
-- Warning: Mass fluxes at node 0 are not charge balanced, z = 2.40794e-05
Residuals too large, 669-th interation
N-R failed at node 0
Attempting to write last good time step for plotting.
-- Warning, Node 0 has a charge imbalance of -1.113e-05 faradays
-- Can't converge, abandoning simulation.
-- Warning, Node 0 has a charge imbalance of -1.113e-05 faradays


Is anyone able to give me some ideas about what the problem might be?


Many thanks




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Hi Ross,


In troubleshooting a model like this, it’s typically a good idea to scan through plots of various system parameters just to make sure everything looks okay. When I look at the mass of solvent water or solution, I notice that the value in the first interior node decreases drastically with time. Porosity similarly decreases to the point where there is almost no pore space remaining. Looking at minerals vs. time in the first interior node, you’re precipitating more and more as your inlet fluid flushes through, which is causing the pore space to disappear. At that point it’s understandable that the program fails to converge. You might consider conceptualizing the problem a little differently. Perhaps you need to account for minerals that precipitate according to a kinetic rate law instead of remaining in equilibrium with the fluid.


Hope this helps,


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