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Hi there,


I use GWB for for precipitation of carbonate minerals in a freshwater lake in which the Mg/Ca ratio changes according to the changes of water resource. I found three types of dolomite in the database: dolomite, dolomite-disordered, dolomite-ordered, but I do not really know what is the difference between dolomite and dolomite-ordered? Have somebody ideas? Or do you know where can I find the references of tha database? Thanks!!!!


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Hello Ilona,


Most of the thermo datasets have a bibliography which you can find on the Header section in TEdit or at the end of the dataset if you view the file with a text editor. The GWB’s default thermodynamic dataset (thermo.tdat) was compiled at LLNL, but other thermo datasets also come installed with the software. The expanded LLNL dataset, thermo.com.V8R6+.tdat, specifies which references were used for many of the species and minerals. The log K values for dolomite, dolomite-ord, and dolomite-dis are pretty close in the two datasets, so it’s likely they’re referencing the same data.



Hope this helps,



Aqueous Solutions LLC

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