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How manually add mineral to thermodatasets in new version - 10.0

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I'm trying to figure out to manually add new minerals to a thermodataset (in this case the hmw set). In previous versions I could add text to the text file -- in version 10.0 I'm faced with an interface box that doesn't allow me to add a mineral - only modify an existing one.


Thanks for the help!




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Hi Terry,


The forum doesn’t send notifications when new topics are added to the archive of old posts. I’ve moved your post from the archive to the front page of the forum. Please ensure you post to the main page in the future so that your questions don’t get missed.


To add a new mineral in TEdit, just right-click on the Minerals section of the tree structure (or any of the minerals listed under it) and select “Add”. You can then supply the mineral’s name, mole weight and volume, species to form a reaction, and a log K for the reaction at one or more temperatures. Click Apply when the entry is complete then save your dataset with a new name. For more information on the TEdit thermo data editor, please see section 9, Using TEdit, in the GWB Essentials Guide.
By the way, the dataset itself is still just an ascii file so you’re free to edit it in a text editor like Notepad if that’s what you prefer. Just right-click on the dataset and select “Edit” if available, or “Open with –> Notepad”.
Hope this helps,
Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC
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