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New basis surface species for cation exchange in TEdit

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Hi Brian:


I was unable to remove the sodium basis species from the cation exchange template Db (IonEx_revised.sdat) using TEdit. After deleting the default basis species (which also removed the two basis species), I was unable to add a new basis species (calcium)- when I select 'Ca' and click apply, nothing happens. The same behavior for any other species.


I am using 11.0.5.


I was able to manually edit the DB, so it's fine, but I thought I should report it.



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Hi Tom,


Thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately, we weren't able to recreate the issue you're experiencing with the default IonEx.sdat file. Could you please try reinstalling the software and let us know if this fixes the issue? If you’re still having trouble can you please send us the default file?


Thank you,



Aqueous Solutions LLC

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I wonder if it happened during my software update. I notice that the Tedit icon is no longer active in Windows Explorer for my thermo and surface datasets, whereas the other icons are displaying just fine- so perhaps there is a corruption.


Is there a way to re-install the update, or do I need to reinstall the the entire code?





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