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Max number of samples in Piper Diagram?

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I am trying to make a Piper Diagram with 26 samples, but when I plot it and open up "Configure Plot", I try to select all the samples under the "Available" column to plot all of them but it's only plotting 16 of them. I am wondering if there is a maximum number of samples you can plot? Or how can I change the settings so that I can plot all 26? Also, when I try to select only the samples that won't plot, the program jumps to another sample and won't plot them at all (See attached screen shot).





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Hi Kelly,


Gtplot currently requires that all samples have unique names. You should go back into GSS and add a suffix to any of your samples that are not uniquely named (i.e. B1W3_1, B1W3_2). Then, just go to Graphs -> Update Graphs in GSS or File -> Update Plot Data in Gtplot to refresh your plot.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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