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React stop: no species

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Guest Melika Sharifi

Hi Eranvos,


Could you, please, attach your React script here? That way we can take a look at it and find the problem.




Melika Sharifi

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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sure, im using React Realese 8.0.12 build 4427


data = "D:\Program Files (x86)\Gwb\Gtdata\thermo.dat" verify
temperature = 100
H2O = 1 free kg
Al+++ = 1.590000e-06 molal
Ca++ = 4.610000e-04 molal
Cl- = 3.670000e-02 molal
Fe++ = 1.240000e-06 molal
HCO3- = 4.620000e-02 molal
K+ = 3.410000e-04 molal
Mg++ = 1.700000e-03 molal
Na+ = 7.000000e-04 molal
O2(aq) = 3.343363e-52 molal
SO4-- = 8.310000e-05 molal
SiO2(aq) = 3.140000e-06 molal
balance on H+
react 3.007519e+00 g of Anorthite
react 6.015038e+00 g of Fayalite
react 3.007519e+01 g of Forsterite
react 3.007519e-01 g of K-feldspar
react 6.015038e-01 g of Albite
suppress FeO©
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Guest Melika Sharifi

Dear Eranvos,


Thanks for attaching your script. We looked into your script, and it works fine in our current release, GWB11. A number of improvements to the numerical solution (and the software as a whole) have been made over the years. To get your script working with GWB8, I suggest you set a smaller step size using the “delxi” command. For more information, please see "delxi" in the GWB Reference manual.



Melika Sharifi

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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