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Scatter data from ASCII file

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I have done a small sorption modelling (works fine) and I wanted to add some experimental points to the graphic output using the File > Open > Scatter data.

I have my data points (ok, not my data points but from a paper) as ASCII file (tab seperated values, BB93.txt), but no points were displayed.

Is there a way to import ASCII files as scatter data or do I have to create an .gss file?


Thank you!




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Guest Melika Sharifi

Dear Frank,


You can definitely use .txt files to load scatter data into the Gtplot. Using GSS, though, is the preferred way and will save you some time and make things easier for you.

To work with .txt files, your file needs to be in a format readable by Gtplot. You need to prepare a table of the data using a text editor software tool (e.g. Notepad) with the first line containing the name of columns (e.g. pH, Eh, molality (Na+), etc.) and subsequent lines containing the numeric data. For example, if you are looking at sorption of Np++++ as a function of pH and have some scatter data points for pH and sorbed fraction Np++++, your table should have columns named as "pH" and "Xsorbed(Np++++)". You may also choose a special symbol, the symbol color’s and point size by adding any of the following to the data line in question: the symbol name, color, and point size. For more information on how to label your columns, please read “Scatter Data Appendix” in the GWB Reference manual that can be accessed from the Support pane of the GWB Dashboard.


Best Regards,

Melika Sharifi

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Dear Melika,


thank you forthe quick answer. With your help I got the points into Gtplot. The main problem was that I am not using the MS Windows Editor but another ASCII editor. And the Windows editor handles columns a little bit different than Notepad++.

Again thank you and best regards,


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