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sliding Eh and pH

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I have a react file that simulates a formation water in the subsurface. I would like to use react to simulate that water coming to the surface. I want the temperature to go from 102C to 25C, with a sliding pH to surface measured of 7.2. I can run this simulation okay. However I would like also to slide the Eh from reservoir of -0.245 V to a surface measured of -0.1V. When I attempt to slide the Eh as well, react crashes and gives me an error message of lost electron component. Am I asking the software to do the impossible or am I making some other type of error? I have attached the file for folks to look at, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am using GWB professional 9.0.9







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Hi Gordon,

Thanks for letting us know what release you're using. Prior to GWB11, you can't use a sliding Eh path without setting the Eh of the initial system. Since you're using GWB9, you might consider instead a sliding f O2(g) path, which is allowed. You could also set the initial Eh by swapping the e- in for O2(aq), but you'll run into another error unless you also set the initial pH (instead of the mass of the H+ component). I'd be a little careful with this option, though, because it's generally a good idea to not tinker with "picked up" calculation results, like those you have in your initial system.

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC
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