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Access to "React" module for modelling reactions and tracing reaction paths

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I have an annual GWB student's licence for the "GWB-Essentials" package. I have been using GWB for studying stability and solubility of uranium ore mineral 'carnotite' as a function of pH and the product of ionic concentrations of the constituent elements. I have used ACT2 module to create the Eh-pH diagrams and demarcate the stability field of carnotite.
However in continuation with my study I am now required to model the reactions and trace the reaction paths that cause precipitation of carnotite mineral in near surface conditions from oxidising ground waters. The main process that drive carnotite precipitation are fluid mixing and evaporation. Hence I need to simulate these processes in the surficial uranium mineral system model (environment). I have studied the online tutorials from the GWB website and I have understood that the "React" module of the GWB would be useful in modelling these processes.
However in the student's package of GWB that I have, the "React" module is not activated. Hence please let me know how to access the "React module". I was wondering if a temporary trial version of the "React" module is available; this would enable me to check if it would help me in modelling the processes of my interest.
Thanking in anticipation.
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