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Changing vertices magnitude in ternary diagram

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We've recently started to use GWB and want to diagram ternary diagrams. But the diagram we want has Cl as one vertix, 25 x Boron in another and 100 x Lithium in the other, like in the picture attached. Is there a way of changing the magnitude of the vertix without having to use GSS to multiply each element by the appropriate magnitude to draw it up?

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction. 


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Thanks for your reply. I tried adding a "user defined analyte", for example "25B" and "100Li", but it seems it won't let me add these either. Do you think there is a chance that this functionality is added in the future?



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You should be able to plot user defined analytes on XY plots, but the special plots only accept true basis species (e.g. B(OH)3, Cl-, Li+) and in some cases chemical parameters (e.g. pH and TDS in the Durov diagram).

Thanks for your suggestions to improve our software. We receive many requests from our users (some more feasible than others), so it's hard to keep everyone happy, but we can certainly add your request to the list to consider as we plan the next release. 




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