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Yucca Mountain Dataset

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I downloaded the thermo_ymp.R2.tdat file from the Geochemist's Workbench site, but when I try to open it in TEdit, I get three messages: "is in wrong format," "bad database format," and "Thermo dataset is corrupt or incomplete! Last line read is line 4: >fugacity model: tsonopoulos" and then TEdit stops working. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what I need to do - I downloaded this file from https://www.gwb.com/thermo.php

Thank you for any advice!

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Dear Avery,

The thermo_ymp.R2.tdat dataset was first made available for the GWB12 release. As such, it follows the “jul17” dataset format introduced with GWB12. The format adds support for including formulae for aqueous species; includes factors for calculating fugacity coefficients for the gas species; and designates a default method for the calculation of fugacity coefficients and partial pressure. 

The dataset will not work with GWB releases before 12. For more information on thermo dataset formats, please see the “Thermo Datasets” chapter of the GWB Reference Manual. The “Legacy formats” section should be especially relevant.


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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