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I know it is less common now, but can you provide more details about the requirements for modflow .dis and .bud files to import them successfully?  I get an error about non-uniform columns and rows.  The appendix does not provide much detail.  Attached are basic files created in model muse that receive errors.  This would be a good feature to have working.



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Thanks for providing your .dis and .bud files. X2t currently expects CONSTANT DELR, DELC, TOP, and BOTM. Your script has varying values for TOP, which is giving it trouble. It looks like the Reactive Transport Modeling Guide specifies that delta x and delta y in X2t need to be constant (taken from your DELC and DELR), but not the TOP and BOTM. We'll get the appendix updated.

By the way, I also noticed your .dis file has multiple layers. X2t can only use a single layer, but as mentioned in the appendix, it will pick the uppermost layer.

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC


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