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Kinetics of CO2 equillibrium in water


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I am trying to model calcite dissolution in DI water open to the atmosphere. My model is nearly correct except that the initial pH is only reaching about 9.6 when I need it to be reaching about 10 initially. I believe that the problem may stem from my basis fugacity of CO2 in the system. Currently it is set to log fugacity of -3.5 but since the water I use for the experiment comes from a jug, is it possible that the initial fugacity of water is lower? Or, is it possible that the fugacity of CO2 in the kinetic reaction should be set to a different value other than log fugacity of -3.5? I have tried playing with these values but was unable to achieve a higher initial pH. I have attached my expiremental results as well as my model. Let me know if you have any suggestions of how to raise the initial pH of the solution. 

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Calcite only.rea

Calcite Expiremental.xlsx

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