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ionic strength and activity


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Comparing React result from GWB 11 to results from GWB 6 and GWB 8. My solubility values are always a bit higher than the earlier estimates in the same concentrated background solutions. I get same results for solubility in Act2 in pure water.  Is there a difference in how the activity corrections are done in the earlier versions? That is the only thing that I can see to explain the differences.

Any help is appreciated


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Hi John, 

I don’t quite understand. It sounded like a single React input file was producing different results in GWB8 vs. GWB11. But now you’re saying you’ve changed the Na+ and NO3- concentrations in the input as well? If you want me to see whether the software is behaving differently from one release to the next, I’ll need a consistent input file (.rea) that I can run myself. I need to see what database (and activity model) is used, how the model is set up, the units that are used, the species that are loaded, etc.


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