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About x2t initial setting problem


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Our client has a urgent question as following:

She wants to set different minerals and aq exist at the same time in the initial setting as the following figure:


After running, it can't get the result because of the too large residuals as the following figure:


So she wants to know how to ensure if the initial setting is suitable.

You can use the attached file.

Please help us.

Thanks a lot.



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Hi John,

You can’t set zero values for entries in the basis (other than pH, pe, or Eh, since those are logarithmic values). A mineral, for example, can’t have 0 values for concentration or mass. Doing so makes it impossible to solve for the distribution of mass. You can, however, set trivial non-zero concentrations. The initial fluid in this case would still be in equilibrium with the mineral throughout the domain.
If the system isn’t in equilibrium with a particular mineral everywhere in the domain, it can be set as a kinetic reactant on the Reactants pane. 

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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